Dandeli is a town in the western Indian state of Karnataka with Wildlife Sanctuary, with its trails and dense forests, There are many Resorts in Dandeli to explore the home to animals including black panthers, monkeys, and elephants, as well as many bird species.

The name, Sangam Resorts in Dandeli itself has a deep connection with the area. It is a confluence of two giant rivers, Kali and Moulanggi. This is the location that two rivers met to offer humanity a blessing to admire and experience nature. One can not only cherish the beauty of nature but also have a gush in the adrenaline with the kind of adventure sports that shall leave everlasting memories.

We being the best Resorts in Dandeli let you experience the whole of Dandeli’s various kinds of adventure including air, rock, and water. with the warmest hospitality and skilled professionals, Sangam Homestay is a perfect place to relish.

A small village called Diggi of Uttar Kannada district is the capital of Kali River. There are numerous dams built across this river that beautifies the serene nature. One of the most famous among them is the Supa Dam. The river runs at a stretch of 184 kilometers before merging it with the Arabian Sea.

Sangam Resorts in Dandeli is our one-stop-shop for leisure business. We provide you a complete experience of nature’s beauty and a riverside joy that you can relish and explore the authentic Dandeli hospitality.

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